The 10×10 wardrobe challenge & 10 things I learned from it


I recently did the 10×10 wardrobe challenge and it was quite an eye opening experience. Even for someone like me who already has a capsule wardrobe! It didn’t just challenge me with regards to my wardrobe, but also my thinking.


What is it? 

The 10×10 challenge was started by Lee (of Style Bee) and Caroline (of Un-Fancy) – according to Google. The aim is to challenge people to pick 10 items from their wardrobe. All types of clothing, including shoes, but not accessories. Wearing only those items for the next 10 days – creating different looks for those 10 consecutive days.

Why did I do it?

I thrive on challenging my own mindset about all aspects of life and I’ve come to realise that everything isn’t always the way it seems. Also, the way we are used to doing things isn’t necessarily always the best solution. Or sometimes we just need to view things from a different perspective to see the picture more clearly.

As some of you might know by now, I’m on a path of discovering who I truly am – just me, without the stuff, the clutter, and everything else we surround ourselves with.

I have never in my life felt more comfortable in my own skin than I do now. I feel at peace with myself – I know I’m not perfect, but I’ve embraced my strong and weak points. I’ve created (and continuously busy fine-tuning) a life that I am happy with.

What did the 10×10 challenge teach me?

  1. We need a lot less than we think we do. I’m still amazed by this again and again. Each time I’ve decluttered a section, I might look at later again and get rid of more items I never use… It’s almost like you’re exercising your ‘declutter muscles’.
  2. Decision fatigue is a real thing. Even although I consider my wardrobe quite minimal, it is soooo much easier to dress when you have less.
  3. There are soooo many ways to style one item of clothing. Sometimes we just need to be pushed to get more creative, because we tend to wear the same (or similar) combinations over and over.
  4. I can really pack a lot less when going on holiday!
  5. People didn’t realise (or care) that I’m wearing the same items of clothing over and over to create different looks (except the ones that knew about the challenge!).
  6. It has challenged me to look at shopping differently – even though I don’t shop that much. Making sure I can mix and match items better and add long sleeve tops with some dresses to make one item cross-seasonal.
  7. Formal wear can be dressed down and informal wear can be dressed up. Depending on what you mix and match it with.
  8. Accessories and shoes can change an entire look.
  9. We tend to think that a variety of options make our lives easier, but in actual fact, it just complicate matters more.
  10. How you feel in an outfit matters more than people’s opinions about how you look. If you feel great, you exude positive energy and vibrance, which counts for so much more than people’s opinions.

Living a life of less has definitely been (and continues to be) an every changing journey. Each time I get to point of thinking that I’m comfortable to live with what I have, something else challenges my thinking. So, I’m continuously surprised by how little we actually need and the rest are just wants. Yet again, I’m reminded how true this quote rings…

Have you tried the 10×10 wardrobe challenge? If you have, what have you learned from it?

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