The nightmare that changed my life…


My little Rainne…

Two years ago I had the most terrifying dream
I’ve never been so overwhelmed by emotion, I couldn’t even scream
I dreamt my little Rainne was gone, she had left this earth
The little one who touched everyone’s hearts since the day of her birth

The child who wants to pick flowers to brighten others’ day
The intuitive little soul who notices when someone is upset and knows just what to say
The one who wants to cuddle every night until morning comes to us
And draws pictures for everyone with a smile and not a single fuss

Now, two years later I’m reminded of that dream, but what is it trying to say?
Maybe to live my life more intentionally, day by day?
Stop to smell one more flower with the ones I love
Do the things you want to do, instead of just talking thereof

If I knew I only had one more day with her
Would I do my usual rush where everything is a blur?
Or would I rather lead a life with no regrets
Where my focus is on love and memories and less on assets?

I would give her less stuff and more of me
I would get out more with her to run wild and free
I would savour the moment to watch her dance when she is ecstatic
She brings so much joy to people’s lives, a special kind of magic

And as I close my eyes tonight and start to pray
I hope in my heart that I heard the message the dream needed to say
A life of intention and love should be our highest aim
Because life goes by too quickly, and it’s not a fair game…..

Therita Engelbrecht

This was a real nightmare I had more than two years ago. I’ve always been a firm believer in the powerful messages that dreams carry. The emotions were so real – every part of my body ached, even deep into my soul, from my pain of losing my daughter. I screamed with so much fierce in the dream, but not a single sound came out. It was the most real dream I’ve ever had and probably for two weeks afterward I literally broke down in tears every single time I hugged Rainne.

Initially I was so scared that it was some sort of premonition, but the true message of the nightmare only came to me later on. Have you had any dreams that felt more real than life itself, that carried so much meaning and significance that it changed your life?

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