About me

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash


I’m Tee (short for Therita) a mother and stepmother, to five kids (with a variety of ages ranging from 4 to 19), who has an absolute love for all things light and white. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but I’ve never shared it with the world until only a few months ago.

Design and photography is what I was born to do. My absolute passion is finding a simple, yet conceptual, solution for branding – whether it’s for a company, event or campaign. Recently I decided to dabble into the world of digital, where I found a ‘sweet spot’ in UX/UI design.

This blog is my creative outlet for sharing my journey through life, where I’m focusing more on what matters most to me and less on stuff – decluttering all aspects of my life.

My why…

  • Once I started sharing my journey with the world, I realised how many people feel terribly alone on this journey through life…. So many times I felt like no-one understood what I was going through. So I decided, if I can reach just one person by writing about my journey – my highs and lows – then my heart will be happy.
  • I find healing in writing. The floodgate of emotions transform into my companions when I can attach a suitable word or phrase to them and I feel like I can make sense of them and embrace them wholeheartedly until they are ready to depart.
  • This journey called life isn’t always easy. And if I have an archive of the road I’ve travelled it’s easier to see how far I’ve come and the mountains I have conquered that initially seemed impossible.

My aim is to live a simpler, healthier and happier life, all while taking small steps to have less of an impact on the earth.

I’m obsessed with fresh white linen, lots of natural light, perfect symmetrical eyebrows, black filter coffee (with a spoonful of honey) and a lover of all things green and growing. Pinterest and Google are my two best friends and I live by exclamation marks and emoticons – sorry!!

Ten things you might not know about me:

  • I love walking barefoot on grass & soil and getting my hands dirty in the garden makes my heart sing
  • I speak French (currently very rusty), because I lived in Paris for almost two years after school
  • I absolutely love books and reading
  • I’m a total foodie, so changing to a Paleo lifestyle was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do
  • I breastfed my youngest daughter for 22 months – it eventually became a love-hate relationship to say the least
  • I have an auto-immune condition (dermatomyositis) which I’m embracing and eliminating in a holistic & natural way
  • I love gin & pink tonic with slices of cucumber and basil leaves
  • Red lipstick… enough said!
  • Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year – there is some kind of magic that comes with flickering Christmas lights, baking cookies and putting up the tree with the whole family
  • My motto is: live. laugh. love. (Live with intention. Laugh as much as you can. Love with abundance.) 

Feel free to share my posts on social media and leave a comment, so I can get to know you better over cyber space.

There you have it – ME in a nut shell!